Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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"Failure to provide adequate veterinary care" means a perfectly healthy cat died long before its life expectancy, for reasons other than untreatable diseases, like some types of cancer. Examples are:
1. Vicky Keahey did nothing and let a cat suffer and die.
2. Vicky Keahey did too little, too late. This is very common.
3. Vicky Keahey didn't seek veterinary specialists when needed.
4. Vicky Keahey misused drugs.

Cats in captivity are usually inbred. That and poor nutrition can cause chronic health problems. That is not what caused the death of these cats.

As President, it is Vicky Keahey's responsibility to ensure proper care of the cats. These cats that died young, and did not have proper vet care. This is discussed in more detail, but elsewhere on the site.