Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Gideon is not dead, but wishes he was. The lie Vicky Keahey tells about Gideon is that he just started having seizures and nobody knows why. This document curiously mentions how he "fell" off Justin Marshall's foot. Justin is her son. Does any of it make sense? Does she really expect people will believe that Gideon fell down an entire flight of stairs? When have you ever seen a cat do that? What really happened is that Justin Marshall kicked him, hard, in anger. Within 3 hours Gideon began having seizures. This story by a former volunteer says it all. "I was cleaning cougars and overheard Justin standing on the side-walk to the A-frame talking to xxxxx and someone else I had never seen but seemed like a friend of Justin. At the time he was living in the A-Frame with Mak. He said Gideon often playfully attacked his feet while he was walking. Justin described an incident when Gideon 'got me good', and 'I lost it'. He said that he kicked and Gideon 'went flying and hit the wall', and how he was 'worried he might be hurt'.

This is animal abuse, and it is plain and simple. Vicky Keahey's son, Justin Marshall kicked this poor animal so hard he began having frequent seizures. 73 in 7 days. Gideon still has frequent seizures.

Why was Gideon living in their personal residence anyway? Sounds like a pet not a "rescue".

Another lie and cover-up. Because Vicky is an autocrat, nobody dares question her. To demand accountability is out of the question. How much donor money went into MRI's and anti-seizure drugs. Here is an idea.... dont kick a cat.