Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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The "official" story of Kenya is she had heart complications during spay surgery. Another lie concocted by Vicky Keahey. Kenya died for one simple reason, and it was because Vicky failed to weigh her before surgery. She guessed her weight, but she was wrong. That led to overdose. Kenya had so much more life left; if only she had not been killed by Vicky Keahey.

This document says what really happened. The comment "At that time, we had no way of weighing her to get an accurate weight" is absurd. Anyone can very easily get an accurate weight with a floor scale, and they are for sale all over the internet. Why did neither of them contact a zoo vet and ask for assistance?

Not related to Kenya, but here is something none of us can make sense of. Is it a joke? Does she really believe this? When we read this we stared at each other in disbelief. WTF?
"The weather was also cold and rainy on February 13th 2001. I have learned a lot since this and know that the weather can play a big factor in how the drugs work"

Would you take your pet cat or dog to a vet who never worked on cats or dogs before? Of course not. This is what Vicky Keahey did. She did not find an experienced big cat veterinarian. She picked the one that was nearby. There are several vets at the Ft. Worth Zoo and Dallas Zoo who would have assisted.

By the way, Vicky purchased Kenya for $1,200 from a breeder! Purchasing big cats from breeders IS the problem. How can you call yourself a "rescue" organization when you pay for cats? This is absurd. Read further. She also paid $10,000 for Kiro, and he is the white male tiger she killed.