12/28/2000 1:25:38 PM Central Standard Time




Hi Lee, here is the history of each of the cats that you have been asking for:

Tahoe, Her ID # will be 9/20/91 this is the date that I think she came to live with me. Tahoe was left at a vet clinic her in Wylie in 1991. Her owners had pulled her teeth and she had quit eating. She had lost weight and I assume they had become scared at what they had done. After she was at the clinic for about two weeks waiting for them to come back for her, and after we had made several attempts to contact the owners, she came home with me. I kept her in the house for eight months and blend up chicken for her round the clock. I fed her about every two hours because she would get frustrated that she could not eat she would give up quickly. About 4 to 6 months after she was here she began to eat on her own. I then was able to build her a cage outside and feed her as normal. She learned how to toss the food into the back of her mouth and use her back teeth to eat. She has been a great friend ever since with no problems.

Ranger came to live her in June of 1994. His ID # will be 6/12/94. Ranger was brought to me by the Texas parks and Wildlife, a game warden by the name of Leroy Thompson. He was taken from some people that had him without a permit. At that time you only needed a permit issued by the state in order to own an exotic wild animal. Ranger's owners were keeping him a 6x10 inclosed barn with no windows or water. The report from the game warden was that there was 6 inches of feces on the floor and the cat's only means of fresh air, or to get out of the feces was to stay up in the rafters. He was about 40lbs under weight and had liver and kidney problems due to the lack of water. He had been fed regular canned cat food and now has developed arthritis from the lack of the right food and calcium. Ranger had exploratory surgery in 1996. Since then he continues to have some problems with his kidneys of and on. Otherwise he seems to be a happy healthy cat.

Kenya came to live with me on June 3, 1998, her ID # will be 4/28/98 which is her birthday. I found Kenya at a drive through zoo park that claimed to be a rescue center as well. This center was also doing a lot of breeding they would use the young tigers in photo shoot with anyone who wanted to have their picture taken with a tiger. The first time I saw Kenya she was 3 weeks old. She was loosing her hair and screaming like crazy. She was useless to them because she was so ugly. The second time I saw her she was 5 weeks old, she had gone completely bald and had no vet care. The only commit the owners made was "who is going to buy this baby tiger looking the way she does." Feeling sorry for her I spoke up and said I would take her. I paid 1200.00 dollars for her and brought her home. I took her to the vet and she had some stomach problems, immune problems, and she was infested with fleas. My vet and I spent a lot of time and money getting her well. Since the time she was about 4 months old she has had no problems. She is truly my best friend!

Kiro came to live with me on Sept. 15 1999 His ID # will be 6/16/99 which is his birthday. He was 3 months old when I got him. The first time I saw him I fell in love he was so sweet and cuddly. I had met his breeder within the past year and hated the way she took care of her cats. The cats were only eating about 3 or 4 times a week and the way they were fed was horrible. They were thrown whole freshly dead chickens, The cages were full of feathers and left over guts from the last time they were fed. They had a cougar tied to a chain in their back yard on a porch post. After I left Kiro with his breeders and came home I could not stop thinking about this beautiful baby growing up in these conditions I call the breeders and ask if there was any way I could borrow Kiro for a few weeks to help me raise money for the cats I had, knowing that if I could just get him away from her that I might possible be able to keep him. The breeders granted my wish and now all I had to do was to come up with some way to keep him here. When I brought him home I took him to the vet. Kiro had gearida. This is a stomach disorder caused from eating, or drinking contaminated food or water. When my two weeks were up in caring for him I drove him back to his breeders and ask them if I could keep him. When my son and I had first saw Kiro we over heard the breeder telling someone on the phone that she would sell the white tigers for 10,000.00 dollars. Kiro also had one brother and one sister. When I ask to keep him I told them that I could get the 10,000.00 that I would need to pay for him, at that time they told me that I would have to have 15,000.00 to buy him. I said that I would come up with it somehow and I then brought him home. Kiro has been with us eversince. He is still sweet and cuddly.

Sahara was born at In-Sync. Her parents are Ranger and Tahoe. Her ID # will be 10/18/99 this is her birthday. Ranger and Tahoe had been together for 4 years without even trying to breed, so I never worried about Tahoe getting pregnant. Then in late Sept. I noticed that Tahoe looked pregnant. Sahara was then born. Tahoe abandoned her at the age of 1 day old. We later learned that the reason Tahoe didn't take care of was because she had been born with a birth defect. Sahara doesn't have a ball joint on her left hip. We have done one surgery on her and will have to do another when she is two years old. Other than the hip Sahara has never had any problems. Except of course her crazy attitude.

Tacoma came to live here on August 7, 2000 His ID# will be 8/7/00 I think he was born sometime in Feb 2000. Ironically Tacoma came from the same place Kiro came from. One year after I brought Kiro home the place had been shut down by the SPCA and under investigation by the USDA. Kiro and Tacoma are brothers from different litters. Tacoma also had one white brother which stayed at the holding facility. We picked Tacoma up, brought him home and had the vet look at him immediately. Tacoma had a hernia on his right side that was big enough to stick your whole hand into. The hernia caused a bubble on his side where we later learned, during surgery, was his intestines, and his kidneys falling out as he moved. Tacoma could have died just playing if he had ever ripped open that area. During surgery we found there were two hernias the one big one my vet could actually put her whole arm into and one smaller one. Since the surgery Tacoma has been healthy and happy almost as sweet as his older brother.

On August 18, 2000 we rescued 7 other baby tigers. All of these tigers came from the same place that Kenya came from. I got a call on July 10 from some people that had been working at this other "rescue center" They had been at this place and seen how the cats were not being cared for. Money that had been brought in for the cats was being spent on other things while the cats still suffered. The cats ranged in age from 5 of them being 21/2 months and 2 of them being 41/2 months. All of them had medical problems ranging from ringworm infestation to malnutrition, and dehydration. None of the cats had ever had solid food before they came here. Two of them had to be hospitalized immediately and IV's put into place. They could not even hold up their heads or walk at all. They were as much as 15 to 20 lbs under weight. When a tiger is born they weigh about 2 lbs. these babies weighed 6 lbs. at 21/2 months they should weigh about 25 lbs. We really didn't know if these two would live or not. They spent almost 3 months in the hospital.  One of the other younger ones was almost as bad we gave her fluids under the skin and brought her home. Another one of the younger ones went totally bald with his skin looking like mange from the ringworm. The last younger one didn't look to bad but still had bare spots on him from the same ringworm. The older ones didn't look to bad either but still had signs of ringworm and other problems. The whole thing was a mess I had never seen such a case of total abuse and neglect. We spent 8 weeks doctoring the sores on their bodies doing shots and etc. Lucca was the sickest one and still continues to have some problems with her immune system. The others seem to be happy and now healthy. There names are, and there ID # will be as follows: Mohan 6/12/00M,  Boris 6/12/00B  Nadia 6/5/00N,
Saber 6/5/00S,  Lucca 6/5/00L,  Eric 4/25/00,  Emma 4/25/00E.

On Sept 3 We took in another tiger that was bought by one of the people that called us about the baby tigers. This tiger was 9 months old and came from the same place. Her name is Samu and Her ID# will be 12/22/99 which is her birthday. Samu was bald and had the same ringworm that the others had. Her feet were bare with no hair and she had red irritated skin all over her body. This tiger was bought by one of the people who called me about the other seven mentioned above in order to bring her to my facility, The buyer had fallen in love with her trying to get her well at the other place. When the buyer noticed that treatment was not being done that she had paid for, she then paid 4,000.00 dollars for her and brought her here. We treated her with the same meds that we were using on the others and Samu now seems to also be happy and healthy.

About three years ago I went through some hard times with one of my cougars. Ranger had bit a little boy whose father had brought into his cage without my permission. It was not a bad bite, although any bite is bad, it really opened my eyes to how important it is to properly house and care for exotics cats. During this time I saw horrible conditions. Housing, malnutrition, neglect, abuse, and just down right stupidity. I vowed at that time that something had to be done. I have dedicated my life to insure that all exotic cats that I can help I will help. I will do it in a way that I have not seen in my adventures. I will do it right. What is best for the cat, is best for me. I will not put my own desires above the cats needs. I will always care for them!
I do consider this challenge to be a labor of love from my heart to theirs. I will always talk to them, know them, and hear them, and their needs