Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Vicky Keahey

For a long time the inside joke has been "The best thing that could happen to the cats is for one of them to eat her". Most staff recognize Vicky is responsible for the deaths of many cats and has failed miserably at providing a safe place, actual sanctuary, for cats. Most know this but would never publicly voice it out of fear of retaliation. Most of the cats would have been better off going somewhere else or being humanely euthanized. Instead, Vicky Keahey props up their dying bodies for show and sympathy. Think about Tacoma, Midas, Malikai, Iona, Kshama, and now Tijar. She made them suffer. Vicky suffers from a form of Munchausen by proxy syndrome. She will ignore illnesses in the cats or delay treatment until their condition becomes desperate. Then the volunteer pity party showers her with praise for "being so brave and strong" and "doing everything" for the cat. She feeds on it. It's sick. As soon as a group of people form she will turn on the crocodile tears like a light switch and lap it all up. A cat that is not desperately sick does not feed her need for attention and pity. We have seen it many times. And she has plans to build a vet clinic to showcase her kills. That clinic will just be a place for people to see her crocodile tears. It's a waste of donor money. Even her vet says it's a bad idea. Yet she still plans to build it. This article so perfectly describes Vicky Keahey.

This picture was taken when Kiro started getting bad. Yes, she finally succeeded in killing Kiro too. She put up a giant bed and tent. Everyone else who does cat watch uses a small cot or sleeping bag. Not her. She needs people to see her. Vicky did this for attention. It was a welcome sign for the pity party.

There is a part of Vicky the article does not mention. It is her biggest flaw. Vicky Keahey does not believe she is responsible for the death of any cat. She never has. Here is an email she wrote after she killed Kenya. It says "No one can be blamed for this I TRIED!!! I have looked everywhere so that I could blame someone". Vicky needs to look into a mirror. Vicky picked a vet with no exotic cat experience. Vicky failed to get Kenya's weight. She is the president but does not seem to understand that whatever happens to the cats is her responsibility. Every time a cat dies she blames God, or the vet, or animal control, or an employee, or a volunteer, or a supporter. She will blame anyone but herself. A volunteer once told her that as president she is responsible for everything that happens to the cats, including deaths. That volunteer received a lifetime ban. The volunteer was correct. When a company releases a poor quarterly report the President accepts responsibility. He doesn't blame anyone else. He doesn't because it is his job to find the right people and put controls in place to guarantee things are done correctly. None of that exists at InSync Exotics and it is Vicky Keahey's fault.

It gets worse. Not only does she not believe she is responsible for the deaths cats, she believes she is directly responsible for the "rescue" of all the cats. If you feel you are not responsible for the deaths of the cats but believe you are directly responsible for the "rescues", why would you care if cats die. Just blame the deaths on someone else and take credit for all the "rescues". This sounds like an oversimplification but it is not. This is what is happening.

She has built an organization where nobody has the authority to hold her accountable for the death of a cat. Only she decides what medical care a cat will get, if any. There is zero transparency into the true medical care of the cats. Vicky Keahey is the only custodian of medical records and is not required to share them. That is why she is so good at hiding her kills.

Vicky Keahey is a despot. She can not be voted out of her position. She wrote the non-profit articles to prohibit her removal. So many others have done this too. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, to name a few. She personally owns the land, the cats, the cages, etc. She uses the bond volunteers form with the cats against them. Vicky Keahey built a culture that says "Do what she says or you'll never see those cats again". She is so insecure that she fired or banned several smart people with good ideas because she felt threatened. Bill Baker was one of them. She uses the phrase "trying to take over". Nobody understands what she means because it's not possible. She could kill every one of those cats, and it would seem as if she is doing everything in her power to do so, and nobody can stop her. Her insecurities are the root of so much conflict. Conflict that is bad for the cats.

Vicky Keahey is an autocrat. She tries to micromanage every part of InSync Exotics. She does not delegate responsibility or authority. There are keepers, and lead-keeper, but every few minutes he/she is on a radio asking her questions. That is not delegation. The same is true of the "board". The same is true for every other part of InSync Exotics. This is a big problem. Her short sighted view of the world revolves around hosing the cages. There are almost always several people hosing down cages. The majority of volunteers do nothing more than hose cages and scoop feces. Her short sightedness prevents anything other than cosmetic fluff. This all consuming fixation on cosmetics causes her to turn a blind eye to important things. Things like emerging infectious diseases. If she organized and delegated, things like the CDV outbreak could have been prevented. InSync Exotics has a VERY high premature mortality rate. Look at the data. It shows something is very wrong. Vicky tries to lie to staff about it. Look at what is killing these cats. It is NOT illnesses acquired outside InSync Exotics. It is not complications from inbreeding or malnutrition. She spends much of her time on what is basically a white glove inspection of cages. We are not minimizing the value of cleanliness. But cleanliness at the expense of everything else is what we object to.

Do not think for a second she does not view these cats as HER PETS. Pets that other people pay for, and care for, and feed. Privately she says "my cats" ALWAYS. She "loves on" so many cats, especially after closing time. Her and a few "friends" go inside with the cats anytime they want while everyone else does the work and will never get to interact with the cats like that. When she is done she walks a few feet to her house and looks out the back window at all the people taking care of her pets. All of the cats are her personal property, the cages are her personal property. Almost everything is her personal property, not ISE property! Only the visitor center belongs to the cats. Everything donors and volunteers give benefits her personal bottom line. That's wrong.

She's conducting a scam where donors and volunteers pay for and support her pet hoarding hobby/problem. There are countless pictures like this.

Does a cougar sucking her thumb seem safe? Isn't that something you might let a pet do?

Generic Stupidity
Here are some things that further prove her incompetence.

Here is Vicky's president report from 4/2012. A cat received the wrong medication. It says "A lot of mistakes in giving Keenans meds to cerella and crimson". What an enormous failure to organize.

Here is an instance where cats hurt other cats. Cats at InSync Exotics have died from injuries sustained from fights. Does that sound like something that should happen at a sanctuary or Michael Vick's house? The most telling paragraph reads "One fight resulted in Sultan getting bit on his right back ankle making it so that he didn't walk around much for about 24 hours. The last fight Kaiya got a really bad rip in the skin from Sultan on her left shoulder and left chest area. The one on her chest is open about the size of a .50 cent piece. Kaiya gave Sultan something to think about when she bit him on his you know where and ripped hair from that area. We are now keeping them separated any time Tyjar or the babies go into the P/G. This has kept things more quiet for everyone.". Cody died from a fight. Dakota died from a fight. Vicky Keahey keeps letting it happen. Cats will fight several times a day. Volunteers drop everything and run to "break it up". As if they could do something if a cat were intent on hurting another. Vicky Keahey permits cat fighting knowing they are going to get hurt or killed. Where's the sense in this?

Look at this poor cat gashed open. This is Vicky Keahey's idea of "sanctuary"?

Here's another example that shows she knows they hurt each other but does not seem to care. It says "Mercedes bit Sassy on the tail. Didn't tear open like lassiter's and Keenan's but had two puncture wounds on it.". "Tear open"; that must be painful and terrifying. Staff whispers about these things all the time, but if we criticise Vicky Keahey we are fired or banned.

What she really thinks of others
Averille is a wealthy woman who donates tens of thousands of dollars every year. Every year she has been one of the top donors. She has been so giving to the cats. She suffered the tragic loss of two brothers. Instead of being compassionate, Vicky Keahey says their deaths are good for her because Averille can give more money to InSync Exotics!!! Listen to the audio here. Can you believe this? Averille donates GENEROUSLY every year and this is what Vicky thinks of her. She speaks of her this way then asks her for money. It's inhuman. It's shameful.

Marvin Howard is the hardest working person at ISE. He donated huge amounts of time and money. The Taj Mahal was funded and almost single handedly constructed by him. He is a great guy who does a lot but Vicky Keahey still speaks poorly of him. Listen to this audio clip. She has said InSync is in his Will and she looks forward to him 'kicking it'. She's a monster.

The list goes on and on. Nobody is spared. These two were just the easiest to share.

The constant bashing of other facilities
Vicky Keahey is insecure of her own abilities. She regularly makes false and disparaging remarks about other sanctuaries. Every day she will bash Pride Rock, Tiger Creek, Big Cat Rescue, and so many others. It is childish and unprofessional. Her comments are lies or exaggerations. Sanctuaries are not a competition. She would lose if it were. Most do a better job than Vicky Keahey. She does not realize we have been to those sanctuaries and seen how they operate. Here is a great recording of her claiming that the president of BCR killed her husband and fed him to a tiger. She spews this garbage day in and day out.

The constant bashing of volunteers
Anyone who volunteers has heard Vicky call someone a "friggin idiot" at least several times a day. If you've heard her do this; know that she's likely said it about you. Nobody is spared. If someone volunteers frequently they "don't have a life", according to Vicky. She's an ingrate.

The volunteers
Most of the volunteers are there to help the cats. This site is not directed at them. They are doing what they were trained to do. Right or wrong. The smart volunteers see the truth but can not say or do anything. The dumb ones believe her. The dumb ones look up to her and follow her blindly. Hopefully the information here will make them see Vicky Keahey is the problem with InSync Exotics.

The "Board"

We use quotes for the "board" for the same reason we use quotes for "rescue". It's not real. One duty of a proper board is "selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the chief executive". That never happens. Vicky Keahey acts with impunity yet operates with a facade of a legitimate 501(c)(3). There is not a single board minutes that shows there was ever a vote for acceptance of new cats. She does it without board approval.