Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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How can you help?

Do not donate until Vicky Keahey does what is mentioned here.

Call Vicky and demand that she do what we have outlined here. Her number is 214-236-3605.

Call Collin County Animal Control and ask them to investigate the deaths. Their number is 972-424-1460 Ext. 7294 or 972-547-7294.

Call Patty Finch of GFAS at 928-472-1173 or and ask her to revoke InSync membership because of the abuse and neglect. And also, Vicky gave them falsified 990's during the application process.

Email the USDA and ask them to revoke InSync Exotics exhibitor permit.

Go to these sites and give them low rankings and link to this site.

If you are a current or former staff member click here to upload any evidence you have. Anything that shows Vicky Keahey's neglect, abuse, wrongdoing, mismanagement. Anything that can expose Vicky Keahey. You can do it anonymously. EMails, letters, voice mails, FB posts, and text messages are all welcome. If you have deleted text messages or emails, contact your provider and ask them to retrieve them. Most providers archive messages and can provide them to you upon request. To upload evidence you will need to provide something only staff knows. You can say what channel the radios use or where the keys are kept.

Keep those recordings coming. There's no better evidence of her incompetence than her own voice.

The information you upload will be confirmed and posted as-is. Please remove details you do not want published.