Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Financial mismanagement
ISE has been Vicky Keahey's personal piggy bank for years. She takes large amounts of cash from "Gate fees". It's not traceable. There's no gate counter to compare with. Her son Justin was on the payroll from late 2010 thru April 2014. He was rarely there. When he was there he's usually visiting. It's rumoured that her elderly mother is on the payroll. She's rarely there and when she is she is just visiting. Her niece was hired as an "office assistant". This is just a way to line the family pockets. There are plenty of volunteers more than willing to put down a water hose and do some office work.

Faking IRS Form 990's
Form 990 is 'Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax'. It is sort of a tax return for non-profits. It shows how donations were spent. Big donors look at these to know how much of their money is going to the cats.

Here is an excel spreadsheet that shows she removed over $70,000 in donations from the 990. Here's the 2010 990 and here's the 2011 990. I know for a fact this practice started long ago and continues today. Look at how she named the files! Why is this a big deal? Because Vicky Keahey is lying to donors. She painted a picture where she has less money than she really does. It's also tax fraud and perjury. Both are criminal offences.

Look at row 160 this spreadsheet. Mary Jane Bowman is Vicky Keahey's mother. It is a $5,000.00 negative donation of which only $630.00 was returned. What's a negative donation? It is tax fraud. It is money was never taxed as ordinary income.

Treasurer puppet
Here is a document the treasurer wrote. It seems odd the treasurer would write these things in a procedures document, right? It's written because she is trying to protect herself from Vicky's criminal wrongdoing. Here are a few things it says.

The Treasurer does not individually inspect invoices which have been paid by the President and which have been recorded by her in the period since the Treasurer last saw the QuickBooks file. The treasurer has no information to insure that recorded deposits accurately reflect monies received by In Sync.

The treasurer does not currently verify that the QuickBooks file accurately reflects bank or brokerage statements. These statements are not conveyed to the treasurer.

All reports reflect information in the QB file and are not audited by the treasurer.

Illegally boarding
Here is one case where Vicky Keahey illegally accepted money to board a privately owned cat. Bill Baker owned Phoenix. He was a sweet cougar. The details are his story to tell not ours. Vicky Keahey says "His expecting us to take care of his cat. He needs to be responsible for his own cat". His own cat sounds like boarding to us.

Here are feeding instructions that are different from every other cat. At the bottom it says "CONTACT BILL AT ANYTIME IF THERE IS A PROBLEM OR FOR ENRICHMENT ITEM APPROVAL AT XXX-XXX-XXXX.". It doesn't say "Contact Vicky" because Phoenix was being boarded.

Still not convinced? How about not one, but two veterinary invoices for Phoenix in HIS name. Boarding exotic cats for private owners is illegal.

Vicky Keahey says she did not take a salary for years. When she is stealing tax free money why would she take a salary and pay those pesky income taxes. The salary story is only part true. She has created a "golden parachute". This document lets her and her husband take a retroactive salary. That is how she will cash out at the cats' expense. It says "Motion made on Vicky Keahey's salary at $43,000 a year retroactive to 4/1/03 was made by Lousanne Yandell. Tandy Robinson seconded. Vote was unanimous. Motion made to pay Eddie Keahey $17 an hour for his services retroactive to 4/1/03".

Here is where Vicky boarded her horse with sanctuary money.

The list goes on and onThis is just the tip of a huge disturbing iceberg. We don't have the time to list all the ways she has lied to everyone around her.