Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Failing to control the environment means several things. Usually it means a cat eating plastic or rubber. It also means things like putting cats together who will fight. A basic idea of captive management is controlling their environment.

After 16 years Vicky Keahey still can not figure out how to control what the cats come in contact with. She can not learn from professional captive management experts. Her ego forces her to make every mistake herself. Cats die because of that.

This is shameful. There are NO controls on what is or is not taken in a walkway or in a cage with a cat. So many people get in the walkways. Any one of them can walk right in with things, and they can kill the cats. It happens.

Here's a recent example...

Here another example...

And another. This is sad. They have been giving cats rawhides for many years.