Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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The "official" word on Cody death is "infection". There were really no details. Here are the details.

The discharge summary says "Diagnosis: Septic suppurative exudate with mixed bacterial cell population; likely due to cat bite; possible foreign body".

His necropsy report agrees. It says "Three puncture wounds, 2mm to 1cm wide, are on the right thorax..." and "INTERPRETIVE SUMMARY: The multifocal pulmonary abscesses are most suggestive of hematogenous spread of bacteria from a previous bite wound".

A bite wound? We knew this would happen. Vicky Keahey overcrowds cats. She stacks them high. She makes things worse by playing 'musical cats'. She keeps moving them around and they keep fighting, and she moves them again and again. Those fights cause wounds. A lethal wound in this case.

Cody did not need to die. Vicky Keahey's ignorance and short sightedness cost Cody his life. He was a sweet boy who didn't deserve the painful death he got. We had hoped for more time with this beautiful, and sweet boy.