Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Poor sweet Charlie. Snuffed out in the middle of his life because of Vicky Keahey's stupidity.

The In-Sync website says.... "Sadly, Charlie passed away August 30, 2008 due to complications from Idiopathic Epilepsy".

No not really. He was on twice the prescribed dose of Phenobarbital. It is an anti-seizure drug. Pheno has a sedative effect. A sedate animal cannot fully expel moisture from the lungs. That increases the risk of Pneumonia. That happened to Charlie. Twice the prescribed dose made him immobile and almost unconscious. Charlie died from Pneumonia. He drowned in his own phlegm.

The prescribed dose was 2 pills once a day. Vicky can not read or be bothered with double-checking and gave 2 pills twice a day. When the vet suspected he was getting too much Pheno Vicky Keahey removed the label from the medication bottle!!!!!!! She said she was giving the prescribed dose and the doctor or pharmacy was wrong. As great as it would be to show the medical records that prove this; there are no records of meds because she does not keep records. She is good at hiding her kills. If you ask the volunteer who gave the meds; they will "forget" because they know the consequence of crossing Vicky. He or she will never see the cats again.

Charlie could still be alive if she just bothered to read a label, but she does not because she does not care if cats die. When a cat dies she can get an 'in-memoriam' donation, replace that cat with a new one and get more 'adoption' money. There is no consequence for her killing cats.