Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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His death is a perfect example of Vicky Keahey's failures. Her short sightedness, ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. Someone once said... "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." Vicky Keahey will never learn from any mistake, not even her own. Many cats have died unnecessarily, and many cats will continue to die as long as Vicky Keahey is in charge.

A wealthy donor named Fawn brought out 'toys' for the tigers. One of these toys was a tennis shoe. It was given (fed) to Boris, and shortly after, he quit eating. Anyone who knows about captive management of exotic animals knows not to give anything they can not digest. Their environment must be controlled, but they can only come into contact with items deemed safe. This is Captive Management 101.

Several weeks later he was taken for an x-ray, and it was discovered the shoe caused an intestinal blockage. They surgically removed it, but it was too little too late. Boris died.

Every day for months Vicky said it was Fawn's fault for giving him a shoe. She would later say to "friends" that she didn't want to "disappoint a big donor". Boris' death was not Fawn's fault. It is not Fawn's job to guarantee the safety and health of the cats. It is Vicky's. She failed, and sweet Boris died a painful death.

This document rambling diatribe looks like it was written by a 5th grader. It is about a former veterinarian who never saw Boris, but Vicky still blames her for Boris' death! That is ridiculous! Who thinks like this??!! This is "classic Vicky". She blames everyone but herself. Who let Boris have a shoe? She can not accept responsibility for any deaths.

The second Tiger is Boris. We lost Boris to parentiniest about a year after we stopped using Dr. Glover as our vet. The reason we lost him I believe was due to Dr. Glover’s again incompetence. We had eight tigers that needed to be spayed and neutered. We were still using Dr. Glover at the time but I was afraid to let her do any surgeries alone. I contacted the vet at the Hornicker Wildlife Inst. To accompany Dr. Glover in the procedures. After loosing Kenya we had purchased a scale and had all of the cats weight trained and currant on their weights. I had also requested presurgery blood work to be done on all the cats. Boris was the second male that was done. Boris was given the dose of Rompom/Ketamine and he too went into a Ketamine seizures. This time the calming does was Valium, recommend by the vet from Hornicker. I also knew by this time that it was ok to give the Valium for the seizures so I did allow this. When Boris’s surgery was over the doctors brought him back to our facility. Dr. Glover had a strange report though. She told me that she had tried to remove both testicles through one hole. She assured me that she did get both of them but she would do the next male with two holes because it was too much of a problem getting them both through the one. In August a year later after we had changed vets I noticed some swelling in the area of a testicle and made a mental note to have it checked out. Soon after that Boris had gotten a hold of a tennis shoe and eaten most all of it which then cause his eventual death. During the time Boris was sick we found that the swollen area was in fact a testicle and removed it. Boris was always more aggressive that any of the other males. Had it been any of the others I would have been able to get the shoe and prevented them from eating it. It is only recently that I have realized that Boris may not have been as aggressive and could still be here today had he been neutered correctly. Again a lie that she had removed both testacles.