Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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Aramis was killed. It is so unfair we've not had him longer. His cause of death was covered up. Read the official necropsy report from OSU. Here is the highlight; "The liver grew large numbers of Salmonella spp. which would correlate with the large numbers of bacteria and inflammation observed histologically. This may have been caused by feeding contaminated raw food. This may be worth investigating.".

Feeding contaminated raw food. This is no surprise to anyone who has seen food prep. Food is layed out on high traffic concrete floor. People who have been cleaning cages and stepped in water contaminated with feces and urine step over the food.

There are cabinets within a few feet of the prep, and they are covered in mold and mildew. You would not prepare your food in these conditions.

A litterbox is two feet from where food is prepared. House cats defecate in the litter box, than walk on the food. It is unsanitary, disgusting. It transfers pathogens onto the food.

The pet dog licks, sniffs, and steps near the food, and that could transfer dangerous outdoor pathogens onto the food.

We do not blame the volunteers handling the food. They are doing what they have been told. This is Vicky's fault for not establishing and enforcing proper food handling procedures.

After 16 years Vicky Keahey still can't figure out how to feed them without killing them.

The cover up - We asked Vicky if we could investigate the cause of the contamination and change food handling procedures so that it never happens again. She refused to admit there was a problem. She said "no one was able to find the cause of his illness" and moved on. Here is the official release.

Here are the board minutes that show the truth. She tried to make it seem like he could have gotten it somewhere else. She asks "Should we look at food handling procedures?". Does that have to be asked? We assumed that if a cat is killed with bad food that you will hire an expert at food handling? She should have done this 16 years ago.

Nothing changed. His death served no purpose. He deserved better.