Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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We are a group of current and former staff members. We have stood idly by too long, and Vicky Keahey continues to kill cats. She kills with impunity. It is clear to many of us the best thing for the cats is for Vicky Keahey to leave InSync Exotics. For a long time the inside joke has been "The best thing that could happen to the cats is for one of them to eat her". She must be stopped!

We have consulted with many experts in different fields and learned Vicky Keahey is a fraud and a liar. We are anonymous whistleblowers because Vicky Keahey fears being exposed, and when she does she hires lawyers to threaten legal action. This document shows the extreme she will go to identify someone who criticizes her. Here is where she silenced him. That is why this site is hosted overseas. That is why we posted a copy of the site to file sharing websites. It is public and can not be removed. We are too many to be silenced.

People make posts attacking Vicky Keahey for being a "toothless hillbilly" and "white trash". We believe that is unproductive. We supply documents and first hand accounts. Things that prove she is inept. Things that prove she is responsible for the deaths of many cats.

We often receive information, and it proves she is inept and incapable of caring for the cats. Once we validate the information we will post it. See the help page.

We have evidence that will cause the revocation of her 501(c)(3) status.
We have evidence that will cause the revocation of her USDA exhibitors permit.
We have evidence Vicky Keahey has committed felonies.

We have not turned it over to the proper authorities yet. Why? Because it will be less disruptive and better for ISE if Vicky Keahey electively complies with the items below. If she does not, we turn the evidence over. She will use donor money to fight. We do not want to deny the cats of any more money she has already denied them.

1. She must move all sanctuary related assets to InSync Exotics. Assets acquired with donor money should not be her personal asset. They belong to the cats.
2. She must reform the board. The purpose of a board is to hold the president accountable. The board is not a real board.
3. She must bring in outside expertise to train staff to properly care for the cats.
4. She must resign. She must move off property. She must never step foot on InSync Exotics again.