In memory of Kenya


2/23/2001 10:48:52 AM Central Standard Time




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Why did this happen, How did this happen, How could this happen, What went wrong to cause this? It dose matter! She was happy, healthy, and she loved me! Why did she have to go? I can't, and don't want to believe she is not here. This did not happen!!!!!

The fact is, that it did!!! Kenya is with GOD now!!!
I love her more than my own life, more than anything!!!

What ever happened I have lost the love of my life
No one can be blamed for this I TRIED!!!  I have looked everywhere so that I could blame someone, or something just so I could live off anger because now I have to live without KENYA. I have called zoo vets, and other vet's from Florida to California. She got to much anesthesia, NO she should have been able to handle that anesthesia. She shouldn't have been laid on her back for the surgery, NO we always lay them on their backs. Her heart had problems that she couldn't handle the anesthesia, or the weight on her back, NO her heart was OK. NO ONE can seem to agree on anything. WHY don't vet's who do this all the time know more about this!!!!!

She was the reason I liked to get up in the morning. I used to start my day sneaking up on her so that I could catch her in her den. If I walked up real quite I could lock her down before she would come out to greet me, so that I could get her cleaned up before she would come to give me my morning hug through the cracked open gate.

Now I get up without her. I would give anything just to hold her head in my arms again, and rub her eyes till she went to sleep. To touch her, and kiss her like I have done so many times before.  To play hide and seek with her. To sing to her, to just sit and stare at her beauty, and just be crazy happy with her while she is getting me wet from her pool. To see her hug her tree like she always like to do, and to calm her when she seemed nervous. I miss her so much.

I used to end my nights feeding her, saying goodnight to her, and I love you Kenya. I would take her food to her, then go feed the others. I would come back to Kenya and feed her right out of my hand to make sure she ate all of her dinner. I told a friend about 3 months ago, Barbara would be the only one that could even come close to taking care of Kenya if anything happened to me, because she wouldn't eat unless I was sitting with her.  After she ate her dinner I would give her 5 or 6 pieces of chicken legs one at a time. She would take them from me one by one so gently. Eddie's Dad was here one night as he watch me feed her from my hand he went in and told Eddie I can't believe she is feeding that cat right out of her hand. I would give her the last piece of chicken then say goodnight, I love you Baby Girl.

Lee called her the lead tiger cat, that she is, and so much more. He also said she was the inspiration of In-Sync that she is too.

I think that KENYA'S reason for making me love her is right outside my window.
Everyday I wake up now I look out to her empty cage. As tears fill my eyes I look just a little to the right, and what do I see?

Kiro, and Tacoma are waiting for me to come clean them up and say good morning to them just as always, but it is still hard to go out there because I pass up KENYA on the way. Just knowing that they expect me, makes it so that I have to go, because I love them too. They are so happy to see me, and I them.

If I look just a little more to the right guess what else I see!!!  8 BABY tigers that also call me Mom. I watch them playing just to bide the time till its their turn to say good morning. I reach for Nadia or Saber and try to bury my face in their necks like I did with Kenya. They don't sit still very well, and they don't take the cuddling that I am trying to give out, but you know what that's OK. There will only be ONE KENYA! There will also be only one of each of them. Kenya was special to me but I have also realized that ALL of the cats here are special to me. One will let me cry on them, one will give me hugs. Emma will let me rub my nose in the back of her neck, and one will put their head in my tummy as if to say HEY I love you TOO!!!
I will love each and every one of them in their own special way. Every one of these cats lives are in my hands. Not my vets, not any volunteer, no one, just mine, and I will protect them all. I will soak in everyday with all the cats, never knowing when it may be the last.

Tacoma is trying to sit at the gate while I talk to him like Kenya did, but he gets kinda antsy. He will sit with me for just a minute then have to get up and explore. I used to sit with Kenya for 15 or 20 minutes every hour, every night. Sometimes she would just sit while I pet her and massaged her throat and legs through a cracked open gate. and sometimes she would play, but she could always tell time, and knew when I would be back to see her. The nights are pretty lonely now.

Don't forget about Tahoe, Ranger, and Sahara after all Tahoe was here first. She has seen a lot with me, been through a lot with me. She is there sometimes to greet me now first in the morning. Ranger has even given up a hug or two in the last few days. Sahara is the one who is there last at night now.

KENYA is missed and will be missed for all of my life, but what few people can say,  a tiger loved me. Weather Kenya is here or away I have been loved by the most magnificent thing of all A TIGER & I will always feel privileged. Kenya's love was not one that was experienced by just anyone she had her favorites! Anyone that saw Kenya loved her.

Every Tuesday at 3:30 I will sit back and spend some time, 15 or 20 minutes with Kenya just to go over old times. On valentines Day I will place a heart on her memorial.


REMEMBER HER   She is waiting for us