Vicky Keahey has killed more big cats than a poacher!
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This website exists to expose the wrongdoing of Vicky Keahey, president of InSync Exotics. It is dedicated to the memory of so many cats she killed. Their deaths can not be in vain.

These are time lines for all the cats that have died at InSync Exotics. See for yourself how much life most had left. Only a few died from untreatable diseases.

Green - Each green block represents the portion of their lifespan from birth until they were "Rescued".
Grey - Each grey block represents the portion of their lifespan lived at InSync Exotics. The less grey the faster Vicky killed them.
Yellow - Each yellow block represents the portion of their lifespan Vicky Keahey stole from them. Look at all that yellow.

Life Expectancy - Tiger - 18 years; Lion - 25 years; Cougar - 20 years; Serval - 20 years; Bobcat - 20 years

NameCause of DeathReason for Death

CodyInfectionFailure to control environment

AramisSalmonella poisoningImproper food handling procedures

BorisFed a shoeFailure to control environment

KenyaOverdoseFailure to provide adequate veterinary care

KiboPoisonedFailure to control environment

DakotaKilled by cagemateFailure to provide adequate veterinary care

Malikai--CDV--Failure to properly vaccinate

Dinari--CDV--Failure to properly vaccinate

JamuRuptured bladderFailure to provide adequate post-op care

ShazamUnknownFailure to provide adequate veterinary care

Gideonabuse/traumaNot dead but wishes he was

EricBasal Cell CarcinomaFailure to provide prompt and adequate veterinary care

Trampanemia caused by flea infestationFailure to provide adequate veterinary care

CharlieoverdoseFailure to provide adequate veterinary care

IonaCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

JasiNo DataNo Data

DivaHistiocytic sarcomaaggressive cancer - no treatment - no wrongdoing

JynxieNo DataNo Data

GypsyNo DataNo Data

RangerNo DataNo Data

LaylaCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

KshamaCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

EveCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

HarleyCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

MidasEpitheliotropic Cutaneous LymphomaUntreatable cancer

ApolloCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

AbramsCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

LuccaCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

TacomaCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

KazuriCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

ChloeNo DataNo Data

KiroCDVFailure to properly vaccinate

KeenanDilated CardiomyopathyAge related heart condition

HowardNo DataNo Data

SpikeNo DataNo Data

KaneNo DataNo Data

RavenNo DataNo Data

NikolasNo DataNo Data

TahoeNo DataNo Data

SabuNo DataNo Data

ZaccNo DataNo Data

CrimsonNo DataNo Data

BrooksNo DataNo Data

OkemoNo DataNo Data

BonnieNo DataNo Data

RajaNo DataNo Data

GrumpyNo DataNo Data

JasmineNo DataNo Data

MercedesNo DataNo Data